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All About Gloves

They say that the resourceful woman is one which always forgets one glove in the house of the pleasant man that is keen to return. Gloves it is necessary to change as … gloves!!! This rule of any woman of fashion with which it is hardly worth arguing. Romans protected in gloves the hands during food and for its preparation (tableware was not invented yet). Modern gloves can tell about the owner much: his prosperity, habits, way of life. They say, even the drawing of fingers is transferred to glove leather, and it can be seen under a microscope. Gloves long since had the symbolical value connected with symbolics of hands. The right glove was especially significant. There was a custom to remove it at approach to the person holding a high post, or at approach to an altar.

Now gloves are the integral accessory of clothes. There is a huge variety of gloves.

Gloves happen the most various appointments. Today protective function of gloves and, undoubtedly revived, their range became richer.

Leather fashion gloves

Leather gloves will become the finishing and emphasizing element of your style and originality. Check out top brands of leather gloves.

Knitted gloves

Basic purpose of gloves and mittens – protection against cold. Gloves and mittens have to be rather strong, elastic and beautiful. Knitted gloves and mittens can be knitted, single and double.

Knitted gloves should not constrain movements, they have to be easy to be dressed and removed, erased and cleaned.

The high quality of knitted gloves and low prices explain their exclusive popularity and the wide sphere of use.

Latex gloves

In medicine Latex (rubber) gloves are used. They are the main security measure of hands of the doctor and nurse.

Medical gloves

Medical gloves – one of types of rubber gloves. Medical gloves – the subject, necessary for this sphere, guaranteeing protection of the health worker against viral infections. Using medical gloves, workers of medicine protect the hands at various manipulations with the syringe. As gloves are regularly disinfected, special requirements of wear resistance are imposed to them.


Cut resistant gloves

Cut resistant gloves are intended for protection of hands against cuts and pricks during the work with a knife, in particular at a boning, a meat cutters and also for fish processors.

Alpine skiing gloves

Protection of hands against moisture in skiing is not less important, than protection against injuries. Wet hands – the frozen hands. Alpine skiing gloves are made of waterproof and water-repellent fabrics with use of a membrane.

During driving except protection against moisture of a hand need protection against blows. On a palm of alpine skiing gloves additional protection is put.

Boxing gloves

Main type of ammunition in sports boxing – boxing gloves. Boxing gloves protect a part of a forearm, a brush and a wrist, reduce risk of external damages at reception of blow of the opponent and increase protective abilities.

Wedding gloves

Wedding gloves emphasize charm of a dress. Depending on model of a dress and season, a glove can be both short, and long. Fabric for wedding gloves can be various.

Care of gloves

In spite of the fact that leather gloves are made of durable and reliable raw materials (genuine leather for gloves), they need careful leaving not less, and it is even more, than products from other materials.
The choice of this or that cleaner is defined not only by way of manufacture of glove leather, but also features of a protective and decorative covering (paint or varnish).

Cleaning of leather gloves – an important condition for extension of term of their service. It can be both dry, and damp.

Dry cleaning of leather gloves (dust removal). This procedure has to be carried out daily. During dry cleaning of gloves dust is just deleted with a dry soft brush or a flannel from a surface of a leather glove.

Damp cleaning of leather gloves. Rather difficult process having a set of nuances:

Some grades of glove leather(for example, young leather gloves) are strictly forbidden to be subjected to damp cleaning.

Any kind of leather for gloves should not be humidified strongly; otherwise glove leather will lose a part of tannins and natural fats, will lose durability and elasticity.

Leather gloves cannot be washed neither manually, nor especially on the washing machine at all.

Damp cleaning of leather gloves is understood as removal of dirt by a wadded tampon or the flannel moistened in clear water.

Heavily soiled gloves cleaned with special cleaners. However before resorting to services of chemical medicines, it is necessary to check their efficiency on the hardly noticeable site of a glove. Otherwise it is possible to be disappointed a faded type of favorite gloves.

Sometimes leather gloves fade from the inside and soil hands. In such cases it is possible to rub in glove leather from inside a little talc. The remains of powder shake out.

Rules of Storage

Aging of leather is a natural process which means a number of the physical and chemical changes undergone by leather as a result of long storage. If storage conditions adverse, leather for gloves quickly loses the best properties: elasticity and softness. There are spots, color of glove leather changes, the fragility increases, even shrinkage of glove leather, reduction of weight and density of glove material is observed.

In what reasons of aging of glove material? It appears, the greatest danger to this surprising natural material (leather for gloves) constitutes violation of acid-base balance. The main worst enemies of genuine leather for gloves – high temperature, sunshine and big humidity. Optimum air temperature for storage of leather gloves about 20 degrees, humidity of the room – is not higher than 65%.

It is better to store leather gloves in the straightened look. It is not necessary to allow contacts of surfaces of leather gloves among themselves. To avoid undesirable contact, gloves can be shifted sheets of the crumpled paper. Any plastic bags; replace them with linen or linen bags better.

You dry and store gloves in hover, put on a special framework, far from sources of heat and direct sunshine.

Gloves and good manners

  • The glove has to fit a hand tightly. The slightest mistake in a size can destroy your reputation of the elegant woman.
  • The lady does not take off a glove for handshake or a kiss and also during dance. Two exceptions – you want to express a special arrangement or at a business meeting to show that you on an equal basis with the man. Before a dinner of a glove remove, and upon termination of – put on again.
  • Long gloves – so-called opera – do not put on and do not remove in public. The special cut on some models allows to take a palm – at the same time a free part of a glove is accurately displaced and hidden inside.
  • Putting on a long glove, the lady at first straightens a palm, and then smoothes a glove on a forearm, but does not pull it entirely at all, holding the basis.
  • It is possible to smoke in gloves only with a mouthpiece.

Gloves yesterday, today, tomorrow

The main tendencies in season gloves the fall-winter of 2004-2005, undoubtedly, is femininity and luxury. Good manners and classical ideas of elegance come back to fashion. It is traced in all collections of gloves of the leading fashion designers.

Clothes time with an uncertain cut, the unclear sizes with fragmentary cuts and the fringe hiding figure forms and also style of a military give way to the suits and coats sewed precisely on a figure and emphasizing shoulders and a waist. Negligence and formlessness in clothes is replaced by elegance and the correct outlines.
Indistinct textures and muffled drawings are replaced by figures of the correct geometrical form – zigzags, cages and thin strips or drawings with flower motives.
The taste to expensive luxury is restored. A hit of a season are crocodile (crocodile), snake and also fish scales and varnish.

Now the most suitable time to replace the clothes and do not forget to buy gloves.

In present period gloves from the most various materials for gloves, the most various color and length are the integral accessory of a men’s and women’s clothing.

Gloves have to be in harmony with clothes, be combined with footwear, a bag, a headdress. Gloves are usually chosen to match a scarf or a headdress (it is undesirable that all three subjects were sustained in one color scale). Gloves can be as classical young leather from black, brown, cognac, till complex beige and claret colors, and from skin of reptiles, or just with texture in the form of a zigzag, or a vegetable ornament.

Modern gloves can tell about the owner much: his prosperity, habits, way of life. They say, even the drawing of fingers is transferred to glove leather, and it can be seen under a microscope.

Gloves are quite standard on the cut repeating hand bends, but, nevertheless, happen different types. Length of gloves is measured in the French inches (in English – button), from a seam at the thumb basis to a forearm. One inch is equal to 2,45 cm.

Traditional lengths of gloves

  • 2-button: the shortened gloves (aka wrist-length gloves, or just called “shorties”). They were very popular in the middle of the 1960ties and were worn every day. Most of the time they are 8-9 inch long.
  • 4 button: gloves are higher than a wrist on 4 – 5 cm or 10 to 11 inches long and cover the wrist.
  • 6 – button: gloves to the middle of a forearm.
  • 8 – button: they are called gloves in three quarters. Such gloves were worn by the heroine Audrey Hepburn in “A breakfast at Tiffany”.
  • 12 – button: so-called classical gloves for the opera – but have no relation to the opera.
  • 21 – button: reaching armpits. These are the longest gloves, usually they are put on to dresses – a bustier.

Again mitts become fashionable (gloves with the cut-off fingers). And still there are alpine skiing gloves, sports gloves, automobile gloves, medical gloves (surgical gloves) and even hunting gloves, gloves for billiards, latex gloves, gloves for boxing, gloves for a snowboard, the driver’s gloves, cut protection gloves (intended for protection of hands against cuts during the work with a knife in particular, at a boning).

Gloves will become the finishing and emphasizing element of your style and originality.

Upon purchase of gloves it is important to pick up the size correctly. To learn the size of a glove, it is necessary to measure a palm grasp without thumb, having centimeter is higher than stones and without drawing it a palm. The size of gloves corresponds to a hand grasp in its widest part.

Glove Sizes Table

Size, centimeters Size, inches
16 6
17 6.5
19 7
20 7.5
22 8
23 8.5
24 9
25 9.5
27 10
28 10.5
30 11
31 11.5
32 12
34 12.5
35 13
36 13.5

Rules of Fitting Gloves on

– Accurately unbend edge of a cuff of a glove
– Put on a glove four fingers to the middle of a palm (to the thumb basis)
– Put on a glove a thumb
– Carefully straighten a glove cuff on a hand to a wrist
– The easy movements of the second hand straighten a glove in a shape of a hand. (Do not straighten a glove between fingers)

It is necessary to take off gloves carefully, at first having pulled each finger, and then holding them at the same time (except big).

After every wear the glove slightly extends in length. If gloves become wet, it is necessary to dry them at the room temperature on a towel, previously giving them the initial form.