Best basketball gloves

Best Basketball Gloves for Skill Training

Basketball gloves are being used for dribbling and skill training more than ever before. Basketball coaches have largely endorsed the value and benefits of basketball gloves. Basketball gloves improve the grip, dribbling, and shooting to allow you to give your best to the game. They help you learn the right positioning and offer excellent control.

There are many popular basketball gloves brands, such as Powerhandz and Ball Hog, offering different types of gloves. To choose the best out of them, you need to know some important types of gloves, what benefits do they offer, and which are some best basketball gloves options on the market.

3 Types of Basketball Gloves

Mainly, there are three types of basketball gloves:

Weighted anti-grip

Weighted anti-grip gloves are the best type of basketball gloves as they provide huge support in training. These gloves are liked the most because they offer a real-time challenge to your muscles. They require more force to catch, dribble, and shoot the ball. This added weight makes your muscles more firm.

Unweighted anti-grip

These are another type of ant-grip gloves but unweighted. This means you won’t feel the added weight, and there’s no need for exerting extra force. These gloves are slippery and are meant to improve your control. This enhances your motor pattern and coordination skills greatly.

Shooting gloves

These are the exclusive basketball gloves that focus on shooting. These help you learn the right amount of grip and control required for throwing and shooting. These come in a number of different shapes.

Benefits List

Following are the amazing benefits of basketball gloves:

    • Increase the strength of your muscles;
    • Enhance your game speed and performance;
    • Allow comfort and durability;
    • Improve dribbling, shooting and other basketball skills.

Best Weighted Basketball Gloves

These are the best ones who has additional weight added.

Ball Hog Weighted Anti Grip

Ball Hog Gloves WeightedBall Hog is the most popular name when it comes to basketball accessories, especially basketball gloves. It produces the best weighted anti-grip gloves for skill improvement.


Ball Hog Weighted Anti Grip Gloves are Amazon’s choice for weighted basketball gloves. These come with added weight resistance to make your fingers stronger. Due to the weight, these gloves aim at strengthening the muscles of your hands. With that, you will learn how to handle and catch the basketball.

Made of premium material, these gloves are designed in a way to focus on your muscles, which in turn improves the grip. The anti-grip feature is intended to offer greater control to make the ball dribble perfectly well. So if you are looking to add to your ball handling skills, Ball Hog Weighted Anti Grip Gloves make the best option.

ball hog gloves on handsBeing equally great for individuals and teams, anti-grip basketball gloves are topnotch weighted gloves on the market. As you learn to exert force and control, you will also know the tactics to manage speed while dribbling.

Coming in five different sizes-small, medium, large, X-large, and Youth XL – you can choose the one that fits best to your hands. Only then will you be able to make the most out of these gloves.

Even though Ball Hog Weighted Anti Grip Basketball Gloves have a higher price tag attached, these are really worth it. You will be amazed at your improved skills and muscle strength.

Quick notes

  • Gets better as you exercise
  • Fits well
  • Anti-grip feature
  • Greater control

Powerhandz Weighted

Another big name for the basketball industry, Powerhandz has some of the best basketball gloves to offer. Its weighted anti-grip gloves are popular worldwide due to their quality and design.



Powerhandz Weighted Anti Grip Basketball Gloves feature classic design and strong built. The built material comes of high-quality nylon stretch fabric. To add performance and grip to the palm, the gloves have smooth sheepskin leather on the palm area. To offer support for the wrists, these gloves come with Velcro straps. This further enhances the grip and control.

With Powerhandz weighted gloves, you can maximize your basketball skills by a large extent. As the palms of these gloves feature anti-friction material, it makes catching the ball highly challenging. As you learn to exert more force to catch and handle the ball during training, it ensures you never miss a catch in the field.

If you want to know what drills are the best to train using these gloves check out this video:

While it helps in training, the real performance shows off in the game. These gloves are designed in a way that they target your hands and arms muscles. As your muscles strengthen, it automatically adds to your performance and confidence. With a better physique, every player is more confident.

The main focus of these gloves is to increase the intensity as you train. This results in improved speed, endurance, and agility. You will be surprised by the dexterity and strength these gloves allow.

Overall, these are the best-weighted basketball gloves, however, expensive. Once you invest, you will enjoy great benefits.

Quick notes

  • Great built
  • Best training gloves
  • Tech integrated

Hoop Handz Weighted Anti Grip

Our third weighted anti-grip training gloves on the list come from Hoop Handz. Just like Ball Hogg and Powerhandz, these also come with amazing features and specs.
Hoop Handz Basketball Weighted Training Gloves


Hoop Handz Weighted Anti Grip Training Gloves aim at making your hands more powerful, stronger, quicker, and faster. Each glove adds 1 lb. of weight to your hands. This allows your muscles to learn, bearing more weight, and adapt accordingly. The focus behind the design is not only your hands but equally target your wrists and forearms. It takes your ball handling to a whole new level.

With its Tarsal flex technological built and design, your fingers and hands are contoured. As the gloves rightly conform to your fingers, this greatly adds to the mobility. When training with these gloves, your control is going to improve by large.

The anti-grip surface ensures that handling the ball is challenging. Only then can you make the most out of your Hoop Handz training gloves. You will learn to dribble in the best possible way.

Made of stretch nylon, these gloves are comfortable yet strong. Also, your hands will never sweat.

Overall, Hoop Handz training gloves will enhance your accuracy, speed management, controlled shots, and tight passes. Even though these gloves will cost you a little more, get ready to have better skills for these gloves are really worth it.

Quick notes

  • Great command and control
  • Added 2 lbs. weight
  • Tarsal flex technology
  • Nylon stretch built

Best Dribbling Gloves

These gloves doesn’t have any additional weight added.

Seibertron Unweighted Anti Grip

Moving onto unweighted anti-grip basketball gloves, Siebertron handling gloves make to the top of our list. These gloves can be a great part of your basketball training aid.
Seibertron Anti Grip Unweighted


Seibertron Unweighted Anti Grip Handling Gloves feature durable construction. The synthetic leather on hands keeps the movements easy and comfortable. The thermal plastic rubber (TPR) is meant for flexible closure. This makes the fit secure for the wrists.

The best thing about these gloves is that the index fingertip is compatible with a touchscreen. This allows you to use your devices during the breaks while training. With these unweighted, anti-grip gloves on, you will not be restricted anymore. This helps you have healthy and comfortable training.

The anti-grip feature is meant to offer less resistance. This ensures that your grip and control improve as you practice. By the end, you are going to have a lot of better handling and catching skills.

Moreover, these unweighted anti-grip gloves focus on strengthening your fingers and hands, focusing on your muscles. Even though you won’t feel the added weight, your hands come in a better form as you train.

These gloves are equally great for individuals and team basketball training. Coming at a low price, these Seibertron unweighted, anti-grip basketball handling gloves are the most basic gloves for beginners. If you are just getting into basketball, these gloves offer a great start.

Quick notes

  • Durable and comfortable
  • Leather and TPR construction
  • Touchscreen capability
  • Best for beginners

Ball Hog Unweighted

Not only weighted basketball gloves from Ball Hog that are Amazon’s choice, but its unweighted gloves also make to the list of Amazon’s choice for Ball Hog Gloves. This means that these unweighted handling gloves are the best Ball Hog gloves.
Ball Hog Unweighted Handling Gloves


Ball Hog Unweighted Handling Gloves feature great built. Targeted at improving the handling and catching, these gloves are designed to maximize your skills. If you are looking for the best training tool but are not yet ready to add a lot of weight to your hands, these unweighted gloves make the most reliable option.

Made of premium fabric, these gloves come with synthetic fabric and Velcro straps. The design adds a lot to the strength and capabilities of your hands. While you train and practice, these gloves enhance the control and fit over the ball. The anti-grip feature offers a challenge to your handling abilities. You can enhance your handling skills in no time.

With the innovative concept, the gloves also focus on providing a great dribbling experience. You will be surprised over how well your basketball dribbles after a few tries. Yes, unweighted gloves can also help with dribbling skills. Coming from Ball Hog, these gloves deliver well if trained well.

Coming at a higher price than Seibertron unweighted gloves, Ball Hog can be a good investment if you are really an enthusiastic basketball player. So, know your preferences before you get your hands on this pair of unweighted, anti-grip basketball handling gloves.

Quick notes

  • Strong built
  • Strengthens control
  • Best for handling and dribbling

Shooting Skill Improvement Gloves

Main purpose of them is to help you to add spacing between ball and the hand while you shoot the ball. As you should hold the ball the proper way – with correct spacing.

Lazmin Gloves

While there are gloves that focus on handling, dribbling, and catching, Lazmin Basketball Training Gloves aim at improving your shooting skills. A single shot can decide whether you win or lose the game. To win, you need to have the best shooting skills.
Lazmin Basketball Training Gloves


Lazmin Basketball Training Gloves feature robust and durable construction. Made of PU leather and rubber, these gloves offer maximum strength and comfort. Everything from texture to the built is perfectly well.

The best thing about these gloves is adjustable size. This helps you make a confident purchase. No matter what size you require, you can easily fit these gloves using the hook and loop. The circumference adjusts accordingly. This way, these gloves can fit your hands, no matter what size and so, are equally great for all.

The lining of these gloves is made of perspiration cloth that allows breathability and comfort. Even if you keep wearing these gloves for hours for your practice, you will feel fresh all the time.

The gloves are designed in a way that they correct your hand posture. With that, you get better at dribbling and shooting.

Moreover, these gloves add to strength and control. With a better grip, you can better handle and shoot your ball. This makes these gloves the best for basketball training.

Coming at a low price, these gloves welcome you to improve your basketball shooting skills in no time.

Quick notes

  • PU leather and rubber construction
  • Inner breathable material
  • One size fits all
  • Focus on correct hand posture

Wakects Gloves

Wakects Basketball Training Gloves are another topnotch shooting gloves for better practicing and training.
Wakects Basketball Training Gloves


Like Lazmin, Wakects gloves are also made of PU leather and rubber for durable and strong built. These gloves ensure a secure fit and firm use for long.

The inner side of these gloves features sweat-resistant material, which largely adds to the comfort and makes the gloves breathable. It offers you a cool and fresh feeling all day.

With the adjustable design, you can change the fit to your size anytime. This means that you need not worry about the size. No matter what size your hand is, you can easily adjust the circumference of these gloves using the hook and loop.

With these gloves, you can best focus on improving your catching, dribbling, and shooting skills. In a short time, you get a lot better at shooting the basketball. The credit goes to the unique design, which does not only offer easy adjustability but enhances finger strength as well.

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced player, these gloves go best for all skill levels. It improves your basketball skills with regular training and sportsmanship. All you need to do is target what you lack.

Being affordable, Wakects Basketball Training Gloves can be a great addition to your training kit.

Quick notes

  • PU leather and rubber construction
  • Comfortable and breathable material
  • Easy adjustability
  • Focus on dribbling and shooting skills


If you seriously want to take your basketball game to the next level, you need to start improving your skills. This includes catching, shooting, dribbling, controlling, and a lot more.

For that, nothing can be better than a pair of good basketball gloves. As there are myriads of basketball gloves, the best ones are mentioned above.

Peeking into the reviews, you must have a good idea regarding features that good basketball gloves should have. So it’s time to get one and start skill training. With one great dribble and a powerful catch, you can turn the game on your side.