Best Special Occasion Gloves

The Best Special Occasion Gloves

Special occasion gloves have been the signs of antiquity and royalty for centuries. Even today, women wear these gloves on different occasions with beautiful dresses to add an element of beauty and elegance. Wearing gloves offer your princess feel during any special occasion.

Whenever you feel anything to be missing in your dress, wearing gloves as the accessories are the perfect option. You surely will be the woman of the evening with gloves worn on.

Which special occasions are gloves usually worn on?

Usually, girl and women wear gloves on following special occasions:


Brides love to wear gloves with their wedding dress. Also, women wear gloves at any wedding they are going to attend to make them look more beautiful and elegant.


Parties such as Balls,  Cocktail parties, Prom nights, Halloween, Christmas, Easter and New Year, etc. are a great time of the year to wear such gloves with beautiful dresses.

Formal events

Any formal events such as opera, reception, or a business party are also good even to add a formal touch to one’s overall appearance.

First communion

This is an essential accessory that girls should wear during the first communion event. Most of the time white color is preferred as it fits the theme well.

What are the different types of special occasion gloves?

These are many different types of special occasion gloves keeping in view the style, fabric, and lengths.


Special occasion gloves either just come up to your wrist, till the mid of your arm, till your elbow or above your elbow.


These are two main styles: fingered or fingerless. As per the current trend, fingerless designs are the holy grail for your dress on any special occasion.

The ribbons, flowers, beads, and sequins added to gloves add fanciness you need for a special occasion.


Special occasion gloves come in different fabrics such as leather, silk, satin, mesh, velvet, and cotton. For weddings and parties, silk, satin, and mesh gloves are the best ones.

However, if you are going to a formal event or vacations, you can keep simple leather or velvet gloves with you. Leather gloves go great for the times when you dress up for horse riding, biking, etc.

10 Best Special Occasion Gloves Review List

Here, we have gathered 10 best special occasion gloves for you:

BABEYOND Long Satin Gloves With Wide Color Choice

BABEYOND Long Sleve Satin
Wide range of different colors available so it will fit your dress well. Two styles – smooth or wave pleated. Prom party pageant gloves are 20.5 inches measuring from finger tip the end of glove. Good news is that one size fits all because of stretchy satin fabric. They are classic long opera gloves and are very popular from Great Gatsby movie. These are great dance gloves for women that will catch eyes of every man. They will fit well with flapper costume dresses. Retro never gets old so we always get requests about these gloves. They are recommended by professional stylists. Most girls wear them during wedding and cocktail parties.

Some key features: They are pilling resistant, super elasticity fits every hand well. Your hand will never get sweaty as these gloves offer great breath-ability.

N’Ice Caps Women’s White Parade Costume Gloves

N'Ice Caps Women's White Stretch Special Occasion Parade Costume Gloves
These are perfect white parade costume gloves for girls. Made of 100% nylon stretch. Two sizes are available – medium, large. But we found that it fits extra large too. These gloves are perfect  for special events where hands will catch the attention. Interesting part is that these gloves are so comfortable that people use them in daily routines like cutting grass, feeding animals and so on. This fact alone tells a lot about comfort these gloves are providing.

They are stretchy and fits almost any hand fantastically. You can be sure that they will not stretch out or rip. Good finger dexterity is also a feature that is worth mentioning. To finish – they are worth every dollar they cost as they fit any uniform well.

Tandi Girls Gorgeous White Satin Gloves

Tandi Girls Gorgeous Satin Gloves
Girls will love these white gloves! They are made of stretchy fabric (Nylon – 95%, spandex – 5%) and feels good and looks good during special occasions you decide to wear them. Sizes are various but most of the time they are perfect of little girls. These are offered in several sizes and has six different styles. The one in the photo above you see a white with bow style. No matter what event you are going to they will look fantastic. They are good for first communion, Christmas, Weeding and other special events. Important information about sizes: Medium fit 3-6 years. Large – 6-9years. Extra-large – 9-13 years.

Lacey Ivory Rhinestone Fingerless Gloves

Lacey Ivory Rhinestone Fingerless Gloves

Lace Ivory Rhinestone Fingerless Gloves are made up of high-quality polyester mesh fabric. The beautiful design covers up to the mid of your arms. So if you are looking for gloves that are neither too short nor too long, these gloves are the most delicate ones.

It comes with scalloped flower lace mesh, and the added shiny rhinestones make these gloves further elegant. Also, the fingerless design with a see-through effect ensures that you look chic and sexy on your big day.

These lacey ivory rhinestone gloves are everything you need to enhance your dress’s beauty.

Gauss Kevin Fingerless Elbow Length Lace-up Gloves

Gauss Kevin Fingerless Lace Gloves in black

Gauss Kevin Fingerless Elbow Length Lace-up Gloves are the talk of the town. With just the right size, beautiful design, and sexy lace-up finish, every woman is getting her hands on these special occasion gloves.

These will go just right with any of your party dress. As it can be adjusted to your arm’s fit easily, these look beautiful enough. Also, the black color will greatly complement your party dress.

The best thing about these gloves is that you can wear it on day-time occasions even under the shining sun. These come with sunblock and offer anti-UV protection to keep your arms safe.

Crizan Lace Flower Fingerless Gloves

CRIZAN NEW White Girls Lace Flower
If you are looking for some gorgeous flowery gloves, Crizan Lace Flower Fingerless Gloves are the most beautiful gloves out there. These come in free size fit and so, no matter what age you are, you can wear these gorgeous gloves with your dress. It makes you look increasingly eye-catching.

These are perfect gloves for different occasions, be it a wedding, prom, costume party or Christmas, Easter, Baptism, Ball, Opera, and whatnot.

As these go great with most of your dresses, you are going to be the sweet and charming flower girl on any occasion. Boys might actually remember you like the flower girl due to these exotic gloves.

Satin Embroidered Lace Long Women Gloves

Black Wedding Gloves Satin
Satin Embroidered Lace Long Women Gloves come with exquisite fabric and seamless design to add an elegant touch to your dress. These are opera length gloves to give meaningful beauty to your hands.

Having shiny beading and soft sequin details is everything you need for just the right amount of fanciness on any party, wedding, or prom. These gloves are going to make you look eye-catching during the entire occasion. Also, the fingerless design does not only go with the current trend but makes your fingers look more slender.

With 16.5″ length, these cover-up till your elbows and are the most beautiful accessory for your evening dress.

DooWay Long Tulle Gloves

DooWay 20-inch Long Tulle
These DooWay Long Tulle Gloves come in tulle, lace, and unlined material to give you an elegant and charming look. With 20″ length, this cover-up even above your elbows with just the right fit.

These are the perfect gloves if you want to keep it all simple and decent without adding a fancy touch. This makes these gloves great for opera, debutante affairs, or any formal event. Other than that, these are must-have gloves; you never know when a formal event comes up.

As these gloves look like the second skin to your hands, the finish is seamless.

Vanvene Lace Gloves for Special Occasions

Wedding Gloves Lace Bridal
Vanvene Lace Gloves for Special Occasions are made of the sheer floral lace to add a dramatic and classical element to your evening dress. The beautiful mesh design with a pretty design and shiny beads are just the right proportion of fanciness for a party, wedding, or prom night.

The fingerless design makes them even more catchy and attractive. With one-size fit, these gloves are easy to put on and off anytime you want to.

The soft and lightweight design makes sure you have a great glove-wearing experience as your hands stay breathable yet well fitted. Overall, these are the most elegantly designed lace gloves to put a classy touch to your outfit. They are offered in two models – different colors; black and white.

AntJoint Lace-up Satin Women Gloves

Antjoint Women Lace up Gloves
Lace-up Long Fingerless Steampunk Satin Gloves come in a unique, chic gothic design that can be used as long opera gloves. The lace design has a total length of 38.5 cm, while the satin design is 34.5 cm long.

The lace can be adjusted according to your arm’s fitness as grommets, and satin ribbon can be tightened to give a beautiful fit. As it comes in wide range of different colors, you can get the one that goes best with your dress/costume.

These lace-up gloves can be worn on different special occasions such as Halloween parties, costume parties, prom, Christmas, cosplay, and ball dance. Wearing these lace-up satin gloves adds up to the elegance and beauty of your dress.

The Takeaway

Such different kinds, styles, and lengths of special occasion gloves are everything you need to enhance the elegance and beauty of your dress. Also, these make you stand out in the crowd. With the most beautiful and exotic gloves on your hands, you are going to be the most beautiful woman in the evening.